…come and join us at one of our monthly Skin Scanning events to get an in depth analysis of your skins condition, as you progress with us on your skin journey we advise you attend once every three months. This allows us to scientifically record and monitor your progress.

Visia Skin Analysis

Many skin problems, particularly sun damage can be identified by hidden clues in the deeper layers of your skin. With pro-active mangement we can help prevent these showing on your skin surface. Our skin experts, aided by their VISIA machine, can identify these potential problems before they become visible and we can use this as an aid to recommend targeted skin care and professional skin treatments .

Benefits of a skin analysis

With this skin analysis, we are also able to monitor your skin’s vitality and check the effectiveness of your skin rejuvenation programme, which means together we can achieve the best results faster.

There are eight areas affecting your skin’s health and appearance which we can monitor:


Texture (colour variation in skin tone)
UV spots (characteristic sun damage)
Brown spots
Red areas
Porphyrins (evidence of bacteria in pores)

Key facts about our Skin Analysis service

Our skin analysis is performed by a trained skin expert, by appointment at our monthly events. A deposit is taken to secure your place but is refundable against any purchases made at the salon.

You should bring to the analysis the current skin care and make-up you are using, so our skin expert can discuss it with you.
The analysis takes 30 minutes.