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Kids are back to school… It’s now your time to visit skin school


We have an exciting deal for you this NOVEMBER! 💚

To celebrate the launch of our brand new Observ 520 machine, when you book in for your £30 skin consultation we will give you 10% off all products on the day.

What can we look at during your skin analysis session 

• Pigmentation Disorders
• Distribution of Melasma
• Porphyrin In Acne And Comedones
• Free Oil Flow
• Plugged Pores
• Areas Of Keratinized Skin
• Areas With Diminished Circulation
• Dehydrated Skin
• Vascular Conditions
• Rosacea
• Areas Of Lipid-Dry Skin
• Milia
• Areas With Collagen Loss
• Sensitive And Thinned Skin Areas
• Wrinkle Formations
• Fine Skin Surface Texture
• Fine Line Patterns
• Microrelief
• Skin Irritations

A detailed analysis and report are included in our skin consultation service and a session can also be booked separately anytime to monitor your skin’s progress.

Now the kids are back at school get yourself to skin school!