Deal of the Month

The dictionary say’s its “The quality of being Luminous, emitting or reflecting light”  My physics geek of a daughter says actually it is a measurement of light from the stars – obviously Mummy!

We think … Luminous skin looks radiant and clear, it has depth and it glows..

Either way we want to give you luminosity so you can be your own star and source of light. So we have put together the following package.

Peels do not all Peel … they are more of a clever chemical exfoliation. They can be targeted to treat most skin problems, think photo-aging, pigmentation, textural problems or they can add some polish and clarity after a long winter.

From our extensive range of peels, we will design the course to target any skin issues you may have, for many of you the ideal finisher will be the Jessner peel.  This is often called the red carpet peel, as it adds polish and is the perfect skin prep the day before a big event.

At £250 this surely is a stellar deal and it is limited so call/text us quick to book your consultation in.

Supersize Skin Complete


Special Offer Only £60.00 Saving of £20

Formulated with a brigade of antioxidants to safeguard skin from external Stressors

4 Months Supply

Vitamin A helps with skin cell renewal & restoring skin health

Excellent Value

Skin Complete is the first step in an effective skincare regime.  Containing our Skin Vit A+ and our Skin Antioxidant supplements, a multitude of nutrients including vitamins A and D and antioxidants help to safeguard the skin, to enhance the results of topical anti-ageing creams while maintaining healthy skin from the inside.