This month we have a great offer for you..Endymed FSR will be discounted by 20%  that also includes the amazing Endybleph treatment.

FSR stands for fractional skin resurfacing.  This basically means we use heat energy to ablate tiny dots of skin from the epidermis in a pixelated pattern.  This stimulates your skins heat shock proteins  into repairing the skin.  Thus producing new collagen, elastin and ECM. This results in reduced lines, pigmentation, scarring and textural issues. At the same time our clever Endymed system also uses Rf (thatll be radio frequency) to tighten the skin. 

To make this easier to visualise we have some photos below for you to see .. you may recognise this beautiful face, its our lovely Lisa!  You can ask Lisa how the treatment feels.. although it may sound a little scary its actually very comfortable. We use our topical anesthetic first and the very magical dermalux afterwards.  This means your time indoors writing Christmas to do lists is usually just 24hours.  Lisa’s skin is still improving as she only her last treatment one month ago.

As this is a regenerative treatment and your skin does all the hard work, results take time to see.. we say 3 – 6 months after.  We recommend you have 3 FSR treatments spaced a month apart for the best results.  You do however get results from just one! This brilliant treatment generally doesn’t need any topping up as long as you look after your new fresh face properly. 

We can treat all areas of the body, not just your lovely faces, backs of hands, décolleté,  and for those of you wondering we can also treat stretch marks and scarring any where on the body.

Book a free consultation with me if you would like to know more!

Lets get fresh faced for Christmas

Our Product of the month is our new Endocare – C

 A sophisticated combination of clinically proven ingredients to give your skin all important daily environmental protection, and much more.

Anti-oxidant protection against the daily damage caused by pollution, sunlight, tobacco smoke and other environmental stressors.

Advanced skin brightening, reduction in the signs of ageing skin such as lines and wrinkles.

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