Zoe's STORY – (scar treatment)

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Hi, I’m Zoe and I’m having scar treatment with skin revolution. Less than two months ago I made the decision to have excess skin removal surgery following an 8 stone weight loss. I have quite extensive excess skin on both my stomach and my legs, so these were the areas I decided to get surgery. As I’m sure you could imagine, I had quite extensive scarring down my inner thighs and my lower abdomen.

I was wondering what my opportunities were in terms of reducing the visibility of the scar. So I started to look around. The Skin Revolution team were the team that I went with for three main reasons. One, the knowledge of the team, which is above and beyond. Two, the technology that they have and three, products, they’re brilliant. So once I came back from my surgery, I started at home with the dermalux flex and some tape that was recommended by the team. I had to have treatment at home due to not being able to drive and so I needed something that was easier and accessible for me at home.

Following that, I then went into in-clinic treatment, which has been absolutely great and I love seeing the team because they’re also helpful and friendly. The results in less than five weeks have just been above and beyond. The before and after still blow my mind, and it has completely gone above and beyond what I expected. So I show pretty much anyone and everyone was willing to see the pictures, even if they don’t necessarily like them. But if scar treatment is something that’s on your agenda, I would highly recommend the Skin Revolution team because they are so helpful, so knowledgeable, and they will go above and beyond for you.


This client started her skin journey with us back at the end of October 2021 with an in-clinic consultation, We then set her up on a bespoke skincare routine.

The client then began coming into clinic weekly for a Dermalux treatment whilst her skin was getting used to her new routine. In total the client had 3 dermalux treatments.

We then moved onto our bespoke facials and after 4 facials our client was ready to move on to 3 skin pen micro needling sessions.

And wow look at her results.


After a consultation with Amanda, I started using Environ skin products and pro-vitality advanced skin supplements. I have also been having regular combined CACI and Environ facials.

After just 2 weeks, I felt physically more energised and noticed positive skin changes. Three years on, the results are clearly visible, particularly with my sun damage. Having embraced Environ with it’s undeniable anti-aging results, I will be continuing my skin journey with excitement. Thank you Amanda and the team.

At the beginning, my only expectation was to continue wearing lipstick. The Environ skin peels are a revelation, especially around my lips. It is painless and very effective, the lines seem faded and my skin renewed… allowing me to wear lipstick again with confidence


At the beginning, my only expectation was to continue wearing lipstick. The Environ skin peels are a revelation, especially around my lips. It is painless and very effective, the lines seem faded and my 8 weeks post surgery, I started having Dermalux treatments on my scar. It had not been healing very well in the centre. After a few sessions, the scar was fully healed and parts of the scar were clearly disappearing.

Now, after 10 sessions, the result is amazing with some nerve feeling also returning. My surgeon at Springfield Hospital commented at my discharge appointment on how well my wound had healed and how it simply looks a lot more than 5 months post surgery.

I couldn’t be happier.skin renewed… allowing me to wear lipstick again with confidence


Sophie is in her mid twenties and has been dealing with the emotional and physical effects of dealing with Acne for some years. Sophie came to us having tried many other avenues to deal with her Acne, she told us she would like to be able to feel confident enough to wear less makeup.


We are still in the process of fixing Sophie’s skin but we have achieved these brilliant results using a combination of in clinic treatments including Environ Cool Peeling and Dermalux. At home, Sophie has been taking Accumax skin supplements and using Environ products. Sophie has also switched to using Jane Iredale Skincare makeup which has help both camouflage and protect her skin healing.

The next step for Sophie will be to clear any remaining scarring using Skin Pen Micro-needling.

I had been suffering from Acne for a number of years and had tried everything. I was getting really fed up when Amanda was recommended to me by a friend.

I had a full consultation and was provided with a number of different options. I started out using the Environ products and regularly going under the Dermalux. I then also started taking Accumax skin supplements and had some Environ cool peels which really did the trick. My skin felt so much better and it’s still constantly improving, I feel much more confident to go out without any make up on which I never would have done before. I’ve also moved to using Jane Iredale make up which really protects my skin.

The next steps are to clear up my scarring using Skin Pen Micro-needling and know I’m in good hands with Amanda to produce great results!

Sarah’s story – (Eczema)

It started in August 2010, six weeks after my wedding. I had suffered with eczema as a child but during my teens had grown out of it. I had suffered the odd flare up on my hands but that was easily controlled by hydrocortisone cream.

This time was different. It started on my back and gradually spread to my arms, legs and stomach, by Christmas 2011, 90% of my body was covered the only parts of my body not affected were the palms of my hands, soles of my feet and my breasts.

I was referred to a dermatologist and tried cream upon cream, but nothing made it better, in fact it got worse! My lower back was red raw, constantly weeping and infected. The skin on my throat was the worst part, although not red, the skin was so tight from using steroid creams I couldn’t turn my head without it splitting, up to 3 inches long.

It was discovered I have two allergies, firstly to an organic compound used as a preservative in food and in fabric dying. Secondly and more severely I am allergic to Disperse Blue, a dye used in the textile industry added to many dark colours and therefore very hard to avoid.

By this point, my entire life’s routine had changed, each morning my husband would have to slather me in cream before I could dress for work, my uniform was dark. In the evening, I undressed in my Mum’s bath because of all the skin that would be on the inside of my uniform. I would sit on the edge of the bath whilst she exfoliated my skin to remove the worst of the dry skin before she repeated the cream lathering.

Despite doing my best to avoid my allergens, I was miserable, every day I wanted to cry because I just didn’t see it ever getting any better. Long sleeves, trousers and a lightweight scarf to hide the split on my neck became my new uniform. I wanted to feel like a woman again not some kind of leper.

I tried many treatments, light therapy, etc. All produced little or no results.

My Mum, who was an existing client of Amanda’s, bought me a voucher to visit the salon. Amanda recommended I take supplements, I took Skin Vitality 1 and Skin Omegas. I started on 3 omegas a day.

An improvement was noticeable after just a few weeks. After a couple of months, having seen a significant improvement ,I dropped this to two a day. Now almost a year on, I take one omega and one Skin Vitality 1 a day. If I have a flare up, I go back to two omegas per day until it has subsided, usually within a week.

This summer I won’t need to worry about wearing shorts and t-shirts and people staring at my skin because I look normal again.

I still feel like crying on occasions, not because I am miserable but because I am happy!

Annabelle – (Melasama/Chloasma – Cosmelan De-pigmentation Treatment)

We treated Annabelle with the Cosmelan system almost a year ago, this treatment involves skin preparation an in-house peel followed by a years specific home care treatment.  It is the first and only way to permanently treat Melasma and Chloasma.


This treatment has recently been featured in the Daily Mail in Australia on 26th July.

I am so happy that I have found Amanda and her team at Skin Revolution. After suffering with melasma for 11 years and having no self confidence to go out the house or even answer the door to the postman unless I had a full face of camouflage make up on!! I feel like I have finally found the answer in Cosmelan. Over the years I have spent a small fortune on different products which never worked or were just a temporary fix. Cosmelan is a game changer for melasma sufferers like myself, it takes time and commitment but the results are so worth it!

I am Confident to go out the house bare faced which might not seem much to others but to me it’s everything! Thank you so much Amanda for helping me find the right treatment and being with me every step of the way


Thomas came to see us about his hands.  He had been suffering from severe dermatitis for 5 years plus.  After repeated visits to his GP and trying many different steroid creams, Thomas was waiting for a dermatologist’s appointment at his local hospital. 

After a thorough consultation, we gave Thomas some lifestyle advice and started him on 3 of our skin omega supplements a day.  We also popped his hands under the Dermalux and recommended he complete a course of six. 

Three weeks later these are our results: 

I was in pain every day with my hands. They often split and bled despite everything I tried.

I was also worried about the side effects of my constant steroid use. This affected my working life as I used to work with the public and couldn’t any more because of the constant bleeding.

Despite the costs, I was considering a private referral. My hands affected my whole life. My granddaughter asked me not to cuddle her in case I got blood on her best clothes. I couldn’t even tie her shoelaces for her. My wife found Skin Revolution online and after having a skin consultation with Amanda (who bossed me about a bit), I’ve been taking my vitamins and sitting with my hands under the Dermalux.

It’s been life changing. For example, I have just spent the weekend chasing my grandchild around the garden and catching her without spoiling her best unicorn t-shirt. I can open my own bottles and even enjoy a cup of tea without it burning until I dropped it! Amazing!


This is Acne Rosacea, we achieved this result for Dawn using 6 in-house Environ Cool Peel treatments.

Dawn continued the good work at home using a simple routine using 3 Environ Products.

Acne Rosacea  varies greatly between individuals, therefore consultation is Key.

Wow just wow I have suffered for numerous years from rocecia I have had tablets and creams from doctors but did not really improve and always had frequent flair ups but when my skin wasn’t too bad I always had red blemishes but that all changed when I went to skin revolution for a course of lacto acid cool peel and used a liquid form once a day at home along with a skin oil in only a matter of weeks I could already see an improvement and after the 6 week course I am totally amazed by the results no more flare ups skin really smooth and the redness disappeared and my confidence boosted 100% I would highly recommend this treatment, all the way through Amanda explained everything to me putting me at total ease so a massive thank you to skin revolution


This Client started her journey with us with an in clinic consultation where we set her up on a bespoke skincare plan. Where we looked more into the clients lifestyle and skincare routine.
We then started our client with regular Dermalux treatments and she also hired the Dermalux flex to use at home, because our client lives 2 hours away from the clinic this was really convenient meaning She didn’t have to travel to the clinic as often and could use it every day to help calm any breakouts and inflammation.
We then moved on to Dmk Enzyme facials.

A few words from the client..

“I have found this really hard to put into words how much Skin Revolution has helped me.
Not only have the Skin Revolution Team helped me achieve the results above but have given me my confidence back.

Just over a year ago I would never look anyone in the eyes during a conversation not even my mum. I would cancel any daytime plans because I thought everybody would be staring at me. I had zero confidence and that was all down to my skin”.