Annabelle – (Melasama/Chloasma – Cosmelan De-pigmentation Treatment)



We treated Annabelle with the Cosmelan system almost a year ago, this treatment involves skin preparation an in-house peel followed by a years specific home care treatment.  It is the first and only way to permanently treat Melasma and Chloasma.


This treatment has recently been featured in the Daily Mail in Australia on 26th July.

First picture before treatment / Second picture one week after /Third picture 11 months post treatment

This is what Annabelle has to say..

I am so happy that I have found Amanda and her team at Skin Revolution.  After suffering with melasma for 11 years and having no self confidence to go out the house or even answer the door to the postman unless I had a full face of camouflage make up on!! I feel like I have finally found the answer in Cosmelan.  Over the years I have spent a small fortune on different products which never worked or were just a temporary fix. Cosmelan is a game changer for melasma sufferers like myself, it takes time and commitment but the results are so worth it!  I am

Confident to go out the house bare faced which might not seem much to others  but to me it’s everything! Thank you so much Amanda for helping me find the right treatment and being with me every step of the way 😊