Sophie’s Story…


Sophie is in her mid twenties and has been dealing with the emotional and  physical effects of dealing with Acne for some years.  Sophie came to us having tried many other avenues to deal with her Acne, she told us she would like to be able to feel confident enough to wear less makeup.


We are still in the process of fixing Sophie’s skin but we have achieved these brilliant results using a combination of in clinic treatments including Environ Cool Peeling and Dermalux.  At home, Sophie has been taking  Accumax skin supplements and using Environ products.   Sophie has also switched to using Jane Iredale Skincare makeup which has help both camouflage and protect her skin healing.

The next step for Sophie will be to clear any remaining scarring using Skin Pen Micro-needling.



This is what Sophie had to say ….


‘I had been suffering from Acne for a number of years and had tried everything. I was getting really fed up when Amanda was recommended to me by a friend.

I had a full consultation and was provided with a number of different options. I started out using the Environ products and regularly going under the Dermalux. I then also started taking Accumax skin supplements and had some Environ cool peels which really did the trick. My skin felt so much better and it’s still constantly improving, I feel much more confident to go out without any make up on which I never would have done before. I’ve also moved to using Jane Iredale make up which really protects my skin.

The next steps are to clear up my scarring using Skin Pen Micro-needling and know I’m in good hands with Amanda to produce great results!’