Thomas came to see us about his hands.  He had been suffering from severe dermatitis for 5 years plus.  After repeated visits to his GP and trying many different steroid creams, Thomas was waiting for a dermatologist’s appointment at his local hospital. 

After a thorough consultation, we gave Thomas some lifestyle advice and started him on 3 of our skin omega supplements a day.  We also popped his hands under the Dermalux and recommended he complete a course of six. 

Three weeks later these are our results: 


Thomas says: “I was in pain every day with my hands.  They often split and bled despite everything I tried.  I was also worried about the side effects of my constant steroid use.  This affected my working life as I used to work with the public and couldn’t any more because of the constant bleeding.  Despite the costs, I was considering a private referral.  My hands affected my whole life.  My granddaughter asked me not to cuddle her in case I got blood on her best clothes.  I couldn’t even tie her shoelaces for her.  My wife found Skin Revolution online and after having a skin consultation with Amanda (who bossed me about a bit), I’ve been taking my vitamins and sitting with my hands under the Dermalux. 

It’s been life changing.  For example, I have just spent the weekend chasing my grandchild around the garden and catching her without spoiling her best unicorn t-shirt.  I can open my own bottles and even enjoy a cup of tea without it burning until I dropped it!  Amazing!” 

Ongoing, as Thomas has followed our advice so well, he should eventually have no problems with his hands.  If they do flare up, a quick Dermalux will fix things.