Observ 520 Skin Analysis

We are the only clinic in essex to be able to offer you this brilliant diagnostic system.
A detailed analysis and report is included in our skin consultation services and a session can also be booked separately at anytime you would like to monitor your skins progress.

Why do we need the Observe 520?

Many skin conditions that surface originate from the deeper skin layers and therefore can be difficult to diagnose with the human eye.

The Observ exposes any hidden conditions by using patented skin fluorescence and polarized light illumination technology. Using this unique technology, we can show you exactly what is going on with your skin and then use this information to create the perfect treatments for you.

What can we look at during your skin analysis session?

• Pigmentation Disorders
• Distribution Of Melasma
• Porphyrin In Acne And Comedones
• Free Oil Flow
• Plugged Pores
• Areas Of Keratinized Skin
• Areas With Diminished Circulation
• Dehydrated Skin
• Vascular Conditions
• Rosacea
• Areas Of Lipid-Dry Skin
• Milia
• Areas With Collagen Loss
• Sensitive And Thinned Skin Areas
• Wrinkle Formations
• Fine Skin Surface Texture
• Fine Line Patterns
• Microrelief
• Skin Irritations

Why is it important to take these images regularly?

Using the Oberv to take your images makes them directly comparable, meaning we rule out the differences that lighting and camera angles can make to photos.

Side shots can also be taken by using the multi position chinrest which allows for three fixed face positions.
Together we can compare images either from the same session or an earlier session. This means we can accurately track your skins changes and progress. We include these sessions at the beginning and end of all courses of treatments

What is a skin consultation?

It starts with a nice long chat where we figure out how you feel about your skin and what you might like to change. You don’t need to have a problem to book a skin consultation, it can just be a plan to make great what is already good.

The plan itself is like a wish list, it’s everything we could do for your skin, either to fix a problem, improve or prepare for a special occasion like a wedding or special birthday. At the end of your skin consultation, we will have a thoroughly inclusive plan for you covering all skin supplements, products and treatments available.

I say it’s a wish list because getting great skin is a journey. Everybody has limitations for that journey these could be in time, lifestyle or finances. You may be a busy Mum with only 5 minutes to yourself, someone who travels for business or even retired with new time for you. All of these things will be taken into account and together we will design something life appropriate for you.

Sometimes we can fix something really easily with just a tweak of your routine or small addition to it. One of my favourite examples of this magic wand effect is Sarah’s Story. All we did to get her skin fix was add in some skin omegas. Please see Sarah’s Story under the Testimonials page.

Our consultations range in price from £30. However, these are designed to be informative, planning sessions, not selling opportunities.