About profhilo

For such show stopping results Profhilo is a relatively simple treatment, its classed as a biostimulator and is often referred to as a skin booster. It is an injectable that contains one of the highest concentrations of Hyaluronic Acid available. Think of it as a skin remodelling treatment especially formulated for skin that lacks volume, elasticity and bounce.
Instead of just plumping and filling wrinkles the steady release of Hyaluronic acid stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and this over time improves the skins tone and diminishes the signs of ageing.

How does Profhilo work?

HA or hyaluronic acid is hydrophilic, this means it attracts and holds water in your skin, this water is necessary for all the chemical reactions made in the skin. This is why HA is an ingredient found on so many product labels. Products however struggle to deliver HA through the skin as it is a relatively large molecule. Profhilo therefore is delivered directly where it is needed in the skin via a very fine needle. It is a hydrator and is naturally used by the skin it is not manufactured to stay put as are fillers.
After being injected the profhilo moves through your skin almost like runny honey and over the next few weeks your collagen and elastin production is kickstarted, this produces a secondary effect – skin tightening!
Why is this such a good thing, well… natural levels of collagen elastin and HA decline in the skin as we age, giving us fine lines and wrinkles. Profhilo works to reverse these things from the inside -clever we think!

How long does Profhilo take to work?

Optimum results appear after 2 treatments given 4 weeks apart, so about 8 weeks, although improvements are often seen in the treatment room! Perfect as a one off for a special occasion or maintain your results by repeating the treatment every 3-6 months.

Does it hurt?

Not much …ask Amy!

Which areas can I have treated?

We can treat your face (its not for foreheads though) your, your décolleté and the backs of your hands.

We will have our own before and after images to show you very soon, as always, we prefer to show you our own work. If you would like to find out more book a consultation slot with Amanda or Amy.

What is a skin consultation?

It starts with a nice long chat where we figure out how you feel about your skin and what you might like to change. You don’t need to have a problem to book a skin consultation, it can just be a plan to make great what is already good.

The plan itself is like a wish list, it’s everything we could do for your skin, either to fix a problem, improve or prepare for a special occasion like a wedding or special birthday. At the end of your skin consultation, we will have a thoroughly inclusive plan for you covering all skin supplements, products and treatments available.

I say it’s a wish list because getting great skin is a journey. Everybody has limitations for that journey these could be in time, lifestyle or finances. You may be a busy Mum with only 5 minutes to yourself, someone who travels for business or even retired with new time for you. All of these things will be taken into account and together we will design something life appropriate for you.

Sometimes we can fix something really easily with just a tweak of your routine or small addition to it. One of my favourite examples of this magic wand effect is Sarah’s Story. All we did to get her skin fix was add in some skin omegas. Please see Sarah’s Story under the Testimonials page.

Our consultations range in price from £30. However, these are designed to be informative, planning sessions, not selling opportunities.


  • Katie Vaughan
    2 weeks ago
    Amazing! I had a facial with Lauren and it was great from start to finish. Lauren was so friendly and chatty throughout which helped as I was nervous when I first arrived. I had a skin consultation with Amanda prior to my appointment and the knowledge from them all at Skin Revolution is just great, my skin has already improved. Cannot wait to go back.
  • lily martin
    3 weeks ago
    Amazing company , amazing staff too 🙂 With advice from Amanda ,tailored treatments and products my skin has never looked better! Each visit I have to Skin Revolution Amanda is always sure to review my current skin care routine and will amend to Include or switch out for new products. The salon is lovely as are all the treatments offered. Cannot recommend enough.
  • Samantha Martell
    2 weeks ago
    I had microneediling with Amy yesterday and I can already see such a difference in my skin. It was amazing. The experience was so relaxing and I am already booked in for my second and third session. Since using their products recommended by Amanda it has honestly changed my life, my skin has never been better. Thank you so much!
  • Chez Flinders
    2 months ago
    Wow! I didn’t want the treatment to end! My skin felt luxurious afterwards and Amy did the most incredible massage. I felt completely chilled. An added bonus of a hair mask made my hair lush and shiny the following day. Would thoroughly recommend for a special treat.
  • bethany horner
    2 months ago
    I love going to skin revolution, I know I am in the best hands. It’s a comfortable, relaxing and welcoming environment. Amy always takes the time to explain everything in detail, from my skin condition to what all of the individual products/treatments will do and provides great advice for what is best for my skin, which I really appreciate. After every appointment I feel my skin is improving so much.